The tedious, yet rewarding phase of rigging is now underway. Bilge pump #1 was installed forward, a little Attwood 1250.

Clippercraft bilge pump

The helm is a Teleflex NFB 4.2 unit, which is compact, has no helm feedback, and works well in these small installations.

clippercraft helm

This shot takes us to the engine compartment, where the fuel system has been mocked in, ready for the final holes to be cut. I purchased a Moeller 3 way switch to alternate tanks, nice and simple, rebuildable at sea, and easily defeated mechanically if need be.

clippercraft steering

clippercraft fuel valve

Kiwigrip from Pachena went on the side and foredecks. This stuff goes down like magic, just a notched trowel to spread it (being the consistency of yogurt), then chase it with their Loopy Goopy roller. The stipple stands up and cures quick, leaving a great non-skid surface that is tencaious, hard to damage, and cleans easily with a soapy brush.

Of special note is the color matching. I used the Kiwigrip Cream color over System 3 Whidbey White. The color match is almost uncanny, and I highly recommend it for anyone doing a non-skid and paint combination, as they look perfect next to each other.

Clippercraft perko

A few extra minutes were spent doing some detailed masking to make her look sharp. The pulpit was put on a week ago, the chocks and bollard were added today. To a nice effect, if you ask me.

clippercraft bow chock

I had some misgivings early on about the cabin looking too big for the hull. In the flesh, I’d say it looks just a hair bigger than I was shooting for, but it balanced out as well as one could expect for haivng 6′ 7″ of standing headroom.

Clippercraft sport fisher

The portlights are curing, and appear to be solidly stuck in place by the 5200 system I employed to hold them. The wood was just too thin to use standard fasteners, plus there was no trim ring for the outer edge. I also have the nav lights in place up forward. Half-assedness dictates that I didn’t take a photo of the portlights in place, just the trim rings.

clippercraft wheelhouse

Just prior to the window installation, all of the electronics were hung to confirm their location and usability.

clippercraft wheel house

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