Though there were a couple other posts from the blog these were pulled from, I have omitted them. It turns out that I basically took 3 sets of photos that all looked roughly the same, without any actual details changes or work done other than adding a layer of epoxy, then sanding it off. If you need to see those images, you can contact me, but there’s very little of any consequence, and I’d be sure to post them if they had any real value.

So, instead, here’s the completed Cloud Cap, on her launch day. What will follow is any adjustments or changes to the boat, as they happen.

After the administration of the smelly colored stuff, I went back through and assembled each part with a loving dollop of 3M bedding compound in each screw hole and anywhere a piece of metal touched the boat. In a few places I switched to 4200 fast dry where I thought it might be best for the compound to cure up in less than three weeks.

A few years of use following her 2008 launch have resulted in more refined ideas of what the boat should be, what it shouldn’t, and her shortcomings as such. I have certain things I love about the boat, and others I’m not a fan of. Over the 2010/2011 winter, I realized that the splash guard was merely a trap for dirt, and some changes could be made.

I did get tired of slouching to the wheel. The consoles for a tall feller like me were a pain in the pack, literally. As a completely different direction, I went very East coast to change her.


This has turned out to be much more comfortable.

Also I modified that forward splash board into a backrest and detail edge that gives a 1930’s edge to the look, but makes a sweet backrest.


Lastly, having sanded most everything down on the decks, I tossed a little Kiwigrip on her on the aft decks to make it safer to walk on. It was a quick one, so I didn’t do some of the special little tricks, but I think she looks snazzy as is.

Any other changes or modifications that come down will be posted here. Feel free to make comments or ask questions anywhere on these pages.

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